Thinking of Building a House? Factors To Consider

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If you’ve sold your home or your lease has expired, a house that’s already on the market may meet your need for a turnkey or move-in-ready property. If you have the skills and resources to remodel a home to your liking, purchasing an older home to update may be your preference. However, if you want a customized home that fits your personality and lifestyle, building a house can help you get the features you want.

Selecting a Plan

A custom-built house allows you to take advantage of every square foot of living space. You can work with a builder for a remodel or a custom-built home. Put in extra closets, add shelves and cabinets to upper walls, or finish an attic or basement as a bonus space.  offers some flexibility in adjusting room sizes and materials. You’ll be able to spend more money on the must-haves or upgrades and cut costs in other areas.

Choosing Your Builder

If the houses you’ve seen in your neighborhood or local subdivisions inspire you, a home builder can help you incorporate features from those homes into your new home. Selecting the right builder can help you avoid headaches. Unfortunately, some builders will cut corners, which can lead to problems later. You’ll want a licensed builder who comes with excellent references and, when appropriate and safe, will encourage you to visit some of their homes under construction.

Getting a Construction Loan

NerdWallet notes that qualifying for a construction loan can be more challenging than a loan for an existing home because there is no home to secure the loan. You’ll also need a larger down payment, which is typically about 20%. Having at least 20% down and a credit score in the mid-700 range should be your goal if you plan to apply for a construction loan.

Choosing a Landscaper or Tree Service

If you plan to build your home on a wooded lot, you may need to remove dead trees or stumps. If you like trees, you might think about pruning the branches. While you may consider tree work a DIY project, hire a professional to do the work. Taking down trees or removing stumps requires equipment that can be dangerous for a novice to handle. Professional tree service companies and landscapers have the equipment and tools to remove trees or stumps and trim trees efficiently and safely.

Include a Garage

In addition to the house itself, you’ll want to also take into consideration building a garage. Being your own general contractor for this project can save you up to 20 percent right away, just be sure to use a tool like Garage Calculator to get a good idea on how much the costs will be. If you do choose to have a builder do the work, you can also save money by getting a “labor only” estimate and buy the materials yourself.

Imagine Completing the Home of Your Dreams

Building your home from the ground up takes some planning and patience. However, imagine how you’ll feel when you see the finished product — a home created for you.

Making the Transition to a New Home a Breeze

Budgeting for Your New Home Build

Hire an Interior Designer to Design Your Home for Optimal Living

Although it’s possible to do your own interior design, many people opt for professionals to do the work. Interior designers work with homeowners, contractors, and architects to create design plans that are aesthetically pleasing, safe, and functional. These professionals are uniquely qualified for this job description and can help you with budgeting and planning, along with furnishing and decorating.

Building a new home is a lot more work, but like anything that you work for, it will feel that much more rewarding in the end. Of course, it’s always a good idea to hire an interior designer to make sure certain parts of the job are done with a professional touch. It’s worth knowing what will cost more, what will require additional planning, and where you can really put your personal stamp on the place.

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