The 4 Best Places to Buy a Garage Online

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Most of us would like to have a garage to protect our car and store some of our belongings, but our homes weren’t built with one or the garage has been converted into a different room that we need for whatever reason. Building a garage from scratch can take months or years and be extremely costly and frustrating with a lot of unforeseen setbacks, so sometimes it is best to look for a pre-fabricated, or prefab, garage instead. These are normally built out of steel, wood, or vinyl and can save you both time and a lot of stress. 

A top priority for many people thinking about purchasing a prefab garage online is making sure the price is right. It is extremely difficult to estimate the proper price for your prefab garage, as many factors come into play such as what color you want it to be, specific paneling and materials, how you want to customize it (e.g., electricity capabilities), and upgrades or add-ons of your choice. Depending on your preference, pre-built garages can be less than the cost to build your own garage. Prefab garage prices normally start around $5,000 on the lower end and increase into the tens of thousands depending on customization and the customers’ needs. 

Of course, remember to check your local laws and homeowners’ association regulations (if applicable) to make sure your garage is allowed and follows codes in your area before making a purchase. If you need some sort of permit, be sure to get one before your garage gets delivered. Once you’re ready to buy a garage online, the following list includes the four best places to find one. 

Tuff Shed

Tuff Shed was founded in 1981 and has become one of the biggest names in the shed and garage industry. The garages Tuff Shed offers include the Premier Barn Garage, the Premier Ranch Garage, and the Premier Pro Ranch Garage. Depending on which model is chosen, buyers can choose various customizations and upgrades such as different colors, larger windows, increased ventilation, and skylight upgrades. 

Most customers get their desired garage between one and six weeks after ordering, and Tuff Shed states that most projects are completed the same day the work crew shows up, meaning you could have a garage months sooner than you would if you built your own. The garages normally have either a 7- or 10-year warranty depending on which model you buy, which protects your garage from harsh weather conditions or other unfortunate damage.

Tuff Shed allows users to build a quote on its website so they can get exactly what customizations they want in their prefab garage. The company also offers virtual consultations for those not completely sure of their options or what they might need. The base price of a Tuff Shed garage ranges from around $10,000 to over $40,000 and the company offers various financing options including a rent-to-own option through one of its lenders.

Garage Buildings is another excellent place to buy a garage online, as the company has focused on building reliable prefab garages for over 25 years. The founding family had a background in steel handling, so their garages are built with high-grade metal and sturdy roofs that come in three types – regular front-to-back, A-frame, and vertical. While some competitors have very few color choices, prefab sheds from Garage Buildings come in over a dozen colors.

Customers can purchase all different kinds of garages from Garage Buildings, ranging from a 20’ x 20’ metal carport (base price $3,400) to a three-car, 30’ x 50’ garage (base price $26,600). The company also offers its carport-garage combos, which offer both a carport and a metal building with it. You can conveniently use the “3D Builder – Design & Price” feature on the website to virtually build and order the garage of your dreams. 

Garage Buildings offers professional installation but customers can also opt for a so-called building kit that allows them to put the parts together themselves. Depending on the garage purchased, some products come with free delivery and installation. You can get a free quote through the website. Depending on where you are located, garages usually get delivered between four and six weeks from the time of purchase. 

Carport Direct

Carport Direct is much more than just carports; instead, it sells garages ranging from 12 feet wide to 30 feet wide. Many prefab garage sellers don’t offer 4-car and 5-car garages, but Carport Direct offers several different varieties of them. The website is easy to shop on, as it sections everything out appropriately and even has specialized sections such as the one for side-entry garages. 

The company states it offers over 600 color combinations and more than 100 customized building options. Prices start around $10,000, but customers have endless opportunities for customizations that can increase the price. Carport Direct experts can place a prefab garage on asphalt, ground, soil, or concrete as long as it is level and clean, so chances are the garage you want will work at your residence. 

Carport Direct also has a “3D Metal Building Configurator” that will allow you to customize and view your desired garage right there on the screen. The company offers a one-year workmanship warranty and a 10-year and 20-year warranty on certain materials. Note that Carport Direct currently only offers its products to the eastern ¼ of the U.S. plus Texas, so make sure your state is within the delivery area before shopping for your new garage. 

Local Options

As with most goods and services, you may also be able to find a local individual or firm that sells excellent prefab garages online. Do some online research to find out if someone near you may have the garage you’re looking for, which could include looking on marketplaces like HomeAdvisor and Thumbtack. Sometimes, smaller firms or individuals have the ability to customize even more components of your garage and they also may be able to get your garage to you sooner than larger firms. Garage prices also vary by location, so you may be able to find a more affordable one from a local company – you don’t know unless you ask! 

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