How Much Does a 16’ x 24’ Garage Cost?

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If you’ve finally decided to make the leap and build a 16’ x 24’ garage, you’re probably concerned about the final cost of it. A 16’ x 24’ garage gives a bit more room for entering and exiting vehicles as well as moving around in the garage compared to smaller garages, plus you may be able to store some of your larger items in it. Your new garage will keep your car safe and make storage more convenient for you, but how much will it cost? The following is an estimation of your ultimate price. 

Of course, one of the initial steps in finishing a garage is building the foundation. The foundation for a 16’ x 24’ garage can cost around $1,500 and labor prices are usually half of that, so the total for a foundation is approximately $2,300. The frame of the garage must be as sturdy as possible for obvious reasons, so expect to pay around $1,100 for a good one plus $600 for the labor. Materials and labor for the siding can cost a combined $2,000, and materials and labor for the roofing cost around a combined $1,200. 

Any garage door needs to be reliable, so they typically cost around $600. Expect to pay this much for the labor, too, as properly installing a garage door requires quite a bit of effort and time. A side or back door may cost you $200 depending on if it leads into an awkwardly-shaped house or if it leads outside (which would be easier). The total cost for installing windows is typically around $400 with the materials and labor costs. Depending on whether or not you opt for electricity, heating, and/or air conditioning, the total cost for these combined can reach over $6,500. The labor required for these features usually exceeds the cost of the materials, so be sure to inquire of the builder what the total costs would be. 

Depending on where you live, a permit or zoning approval can cost between $100 and $400. A general contractor building your 16’ x 24’ garage may charge you around $300 either upfront or tacked onto the final bill. Of course, it is best to know his or her prices before construction begins. 

Ultimately, the estimated price of a new 12’ x 24’ garage is $14,723.

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