Here’s the Cost to Build a DIY 20’ x 20’ Garage

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We’d all love a beautiful 400-square foot garage to securely park our cars in as well as store some items that are taking up too much room in our houses. A garage of this size can typically fit two smaller cars, or it can fit one large vehicle with quite a bit of storage space remaining. There are an endless number of components that factor into the overall price of a 20’ x 20’ garage, so let’s take a look at what you may end up paying for yours. 

The foundation and frame for your 20’ x 20’ garage is extremely important, as they will literally hold your garage up, so it is important to not cheap out on the materials and labor for these. A foundation for a 20’ x 20’ garage can total $1,600 for materials plus $800 for labor, and the frame materials can cost $1,200 with $600 for labor. Altogether, the foundation and frame can cost a combined $4,000. The siding can be a little less expensive, approximating around $800, but the labor can exceed that number meaning your total cost for siding can reach $2,000. Depending on the type of roof you’re wanting, materials and labor can both cost $600, therefore making the roofing price around $1,200. 

A garage door for your 20’ x 20’ garage can cost $1,000, which is made up of $600 for the actual door materials and $400 for the installation. The cost of an entryway door will vary depending on if your garage is attached or detached, but will average around $200 with an added $100 for labor. Some people choose to forego installing windows in their new garages, but if you want them, expect to pay around $250 for the materials plus $150 for labor. You’ll see the highest labor costs if you choose to install heating, air conditioning, or electricity in your garage, as installing these can be tedious and require special HVAC and electrician skills. You’ll likely pay around $1,600 for the electrical materials and labor, and $5,000 or more for HVAC equipment and services.

Of course, before you build your garage you should find out if your area requires you to have some sort of permit before beginning construction, which could cost around $200. Also be aware of any fees your general contractor will charge you (if applicable) and be sure to triple check any estimate you are given for the work. 

Ultimately, the estimated cost of this garage is $18,100.

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