Get More Money for Your Home in Colder Seasons by Increasing the Curb Appeal

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Selling your home in the fall or winter can be a little more difficult than at other times of the year. In spring and summer, the flowers are blooming, and the trees are full of nice green leaves, so your yard naturally looks beautiful. You will need to work a little harder to increase its attractiveness and sell it in the fall or winter seasons. Here are some tips to boost your curb appeal during this cold time of year.

Use Color To Brighten Cold Days

In fall and winter, when everything looks drab, make your home stand out with some pops of color on the front. One great way to add color is to paint the front door a bright teal, red or yellow. You could also add color with a pretty doormat and a brightly colored chair or two near the door. Add a eucalyptus wreath on the door for a seasonal touch. On the back patio, leave the furniture out and add some warm blankets and a fire pit so that buyers can picture themselves enjoying the outdoors in cooler weather.

Add a Beautiful Garage

If your home doesn’t have a garage, add curb appeal and increase the value of the home by building a detached garage. Make sure that the style of the garage complements your house. Install eye-catching garage doors onto your new garage. Experts agree that adding an attractive garage door is the number one factor in boosting the curb appeal of a home. The cost to build a detached garage is not as much as most people think.

Enhance Your Home’s Appeal With Outdoor Lighting

Add more outdoor lighting to your home and yard to summon warmth and make it feel festive. You can wrap some trees, fountains, fences and other features with white holiday lights and leave them up all winter. Make sure your porch and front door are well-lit and inviting. Add spotlights to some of your most beautiful winter plants, such as evergreens.

Clean Up the Yard for a More Inviting Look

A messy yard does not look inviting to potential buyers. Keep your yard clean and free of leaves, twigs and other debris. This is also a good time to aerate your lawn in order to revitalize it by adding nutrients to the soil. A lawn aeration company can also fertilize and dethatch the lawn. They may be able to provide weed control services as well. Look for a “lawn aerator near me” that is insured and licensed, and ask them for referrals before you commit.

Add Winter Charm to Your Landscaping

Enhance your landscape with some beautiful winter-flowering shrubs, such as camellias. You can add texture to boring garden beds by topping them with pine cones. Remove dead plants from the planters on your front porch, and substitute them with evergreen branches or pine shrubs decorated with holiday lights. Drape bird feeder garlands of nuts, small fruits and berries on your evergreen trees for a festive touch.

There is no reason that you should sacrifice and take a lesser offer for your home if you are selling during the fall or winter months. If you use these suggestions to spruce up the cold-weather curb appeal of your home, you will have buyers “oohing and ahhing” over your home’s beautiful outdoor setting.

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